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RESOURCES FOR WATER AND ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY ESTABLISHMENT , Specializing in Water treatment systems . Business was established in 2001 with a mission to offer regional business water treatment solutions for drinking and sewage systems. We represent a number of leading international companies and provide our clients with a range of water treatment systems including industrial and governmental projects, agricultural systems, and Supply Chain variable water systems for factories , commercial offices, and domestic houses etc. .  Our team of strong and competent business consultants and application field processes are experienced in design, installation, and commissioning completely required high efficient systems in agreement with international standards the offered solutions according to customer requirements.

Our specialty items offered at competitive wholesale prices are:

Manufacturer for

  • RO Systems for high range capacities and applications (from under sink RO to 100 m3/hr industrial RO system ,200 m3/hr , ,etc.)
  • Pretreatment systems ( industrial multimedia filters , aeration systems ,..etc.)
  • Sterilizing systems : Ozone Generators (and accessories) , UV systems .
  • Mineral dosing systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plants  

Distributor for

  • Softener & Filter Control Valves
  • Automatic Softening & Filtration Kits
  • FRP, Composite Tanks & Distributors , Brine Tanks (and accessories)
  • Filtration Media: Birm, Anthracite, Filter Ag, Filter Ag-Plus, Activated Carbon, Calcite, Garnet, Greensand (and others)
  • Ozone generators
  • Cartridge Filters (of varying micron sizes)
  • Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Housings
  • Steam Generators and all other products Aqua-purification systems